Each Car Dealer 5 website is payable annually at £340+ VAT, £450+ VAT, £650+ VAT or £1050+ VAT depending upon the package required and is payable in advance. Elite package payments can be split into two payments at our discretion. These payments cover our setup and running costs for your Car Dealer 5 website for 12 months.

Any extras are charged accordingly such as

Additional domains
VRM Activation/Lookups *
Finance Integration from Ivendi and Codeweavers *
Social Media setup
Social Media apps *
Image overlay *

* These optional extras are free with certain packages.

When you have paid for your Car Dealer 5 website, Car Dealer 5 will purchase your domain name as part of this cost (or add DNS entries to the Car Dealer 5 server so your existing domain can be pointed to your new Car Dealer 5 website).

Car Dealer 5 will also supply you with one or more email addresses should you wish to use them with instructions on how to implement the email to your devices. A webmail interface will also be supplied as part of the package.

By paying for a Car Dealer 5 website you agree to pay in advance for an agreed term of 12 months which is non-refundable. Our system works only on our servers and is not open for development by any parties. Car Dealer 5 will maintain your website, the feeds to advertisers, web hosting of your website, domain name (if registered through Car Dealer 5) and your email.

Car Dealer 5 cannot be held responsible for any downtime of your website due to hacking or penetration attempts. Car Dealer 5 cannot be held responsable for the security of your administration panel. We use one-way encryption for dealer passwords which only dealers know. It is the dealers responsability to keep these safe and their account secure. Car Dealer 5 take every measure to keep the administration area secure. If a breach is detected, all passwords will be changed immediately and new passwords issued over the phone or via text.

Car Dealer 5 cannot be held responsible for search engine placement. A new domain name will on average take from 4-6 weeks to simply appear in the search engine results pages (SERPS). By adding stock on a regular basis to your website will help search engines trust your site and push it further up the SERPS. If you are transferring a domain to us then usually your SERPS placement will remain the same or improve! But remember - we don't make the rules of where you sit in the SERPS - the search engines do and Car Dealer 5 are under no obligation to place you anywhere.


We do not offer a "cooling off period" as the fees charged are for the setup of your website. Therefore once paid for you cannot cancel your order.

Should you wish to switch provider or transfer your services elsewhere within the 12 month period you are free to do so, however a refund for the difference will not be given.

Delivery Time

Once your Car Dealer 5 website has been paid for, the setup process is extremely fast. We can set a new Basic package up within 48 hours.

If you are transferring a .com domain to Car Dealer 5 then it's recommended that your nameservers are changed prior to the move, this will cause a more seamless transfer.