Come on! There must be some hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs that will pop up. Our system is fast to setup, easy to use and runs efficiently. Why would we need to charge you extra when we want to keep you as a customer! If you think this is too good to be true, believe me it is good and it's definately true!

Is Car Dealer 5 "Search Engine Friendly"?

Yes, our system is SEO friendly and lets you control all the content and meta tags on your Car Dealer 5 website.

How easy is it to add cars?

We often get asked from old school car dealers who have very little computer knowledge "How easy is it to use?". Our answer is always the same - "It's so simple your nan could control it!" We are always on the phone to help if you get stuck however the backend system is very simple to control.

How does your admin system work?

When your Car Dealer 5 system is setup, you will be given your very own, unique login access details. You can login to your site from any computer on the internet so you are not tied to any one machine to control your website.

What does "Mobile Ready" mean?

Our Car Dealer 5 system is mobile ready which means that if one of your clients arrives at your website using a smartphone such as an iPhone or Blackberry, the website will appear in the correct format retaining a professional look and feel.

How flexible is Car Dealer 5? I don't want to show everything about the cars I sell.

Car Dealer 5 is flexible

If you don't want to show previous owners for example it's easy! We can show or hide all the fields you want on the car details page.

If you want to order your stock differently - no problem!

Can I add videos to car pages?

Yes of course, upload your videos to YouTube™ and copy and paste the code to the right place in the Car Dealer 5 admin system. You can also upload an introduction video to the home page.

How many images can I upload to each car?

You can upload up to 100 images to each car.

How do I get images to the Car Dealer 5 system?

Due to the size of the images created from each image taken using a digital camera, it is recommended that you set your camera to its lowest quality. This is still more than enough for viewing on the web. Our system allows you to enter all of your images at once however Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended.

If you don't use a digital camera, you can use your phone to upload images. iOS 6 and above allows iPhone and iPad users to upload images stored in their phone.

Can I point my adverts to a Car Dealer 5 website from AutoTrader™?

If you advertise your stock on AutoTrader™ and you need a functional, visible and good looking website to back up your adverts then you can point your adverts to your Car Dealer 5 website through the Dealer Edit™ panel. There may be a minimum spend at Autotrader for this to be allowed.

How much money could I save?

If you currently have an AutoTrader™ website you could save up to £800 per year. Although every car trader may have a different advertising package, from only £450 +VAT per year our Car Dealer 5 package is a very attractive proposition.

Does your system use VRM?

Yes we have a VRM option available at a very reasonable cost. For example if you add 20 cars a month to your website your yearly cost would be £76.80 + VAT. That still works out at an equivalent to £39 + VAT per month for a fully functional website controlled via Vehicle Registration Mark lookups, that's real-time, mobile-ready and is geared to feed all the major sites at no extra charge!

What are the terms of your contract?

This where we are different, we understand how tight money can be on a month to month basis so we don't tie you in. All we ask is that you pay 12 months up front - from £450 + VAT to £1050 + VAT. This amount is to cover our setup and devlopment costs. If you are an Elite customer you can pay £100 + VAT per month.

How many cars can I add?

Add as many vehicles to the system as you like. For SEO purposes, the more you add, the wider scope you will have to attract traffic to your website.

Is it easy to add forms to my Car Dealer 5 website?

We can supply you with forms for your customers to request part exchanges and finance etc. If you want something more customised, just ask us and we can quote accordingly. Our charges are reasonably priced at £40 + VAT per hour.

Does your system have Silent Salesmen?

Yes, it's fully branded to your business available at no extra charge.