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Compare Used Car Dealer Website Solutions for UK Motor Traders

When searching the internet for companies who offer websites to motor traders it's very easy to get confused about who offers what and how much they cost.

Many companies who offer car dealer website packages do not always show exactly what features are available on their designs or how much they actually cost. It seems this is done on purpose in order to discourage price wars between suppliers / competitors.

Unfortunately, this is not very useful for anyone in the motor trade trying to compare what website features they require with a certain budget in mind. Therefore, we have done our best to do the hard work for you in order to find the best car dealer websites to get the most out of your hard earned cash.

Our solution is designed in order to get a new motor trading business up and running in next to no time at all; or for existing car dealers who simply find their current providers too expensive and wish to swap to something a little more affordable. Car Dealer 5 offers an amazing price for a mobile-ready, flexible car sales solution that also includes a free domain name and one year’s free website hosting amongst other features. Additional features for Car Dealer 5 include the vehicle makes and models preset into the system speeding up the car entry for the car dealer, 100 images per vehicle, Youtube video embedding, car insurance group selection and road tax amount per car.

Feel free to look at our ‘Testimonials’ page to see feedback we have got from our existing customers.

You will see our feedback is excellent.
Our current customers are especially happy with the speed of service offered by the staff at Car Dealer 5, the value for money and particularly think the mobile template which displays the whole site in a suitable format using tap and slide technology just like an app is fantastic value.

It seems that all companies, small to large have had to tighten their belts and are looking for alternative online advertising solutions.

Car Dealer 5 may not be the most famous, however now are gaining between 10 and 20 new dealers every month with NO salesmen on the road! These customers are looking to swap from the over inflated website groups offering the same thing for much more money and go with a smaller family-run businesses who can offer a personal service, sound advice and help slash their annual costs for online advertising.  

If you are just starting out, or you feel you are currently paying over the odds for your existing car dealer website from larger well known organisations then we at Car Dealer 5 know we can slash your costs.

Give the staff at Car Dealer 5 a call on 01902 203333 to discuss your requirements.