How do I add stock to Car Dealer 5?

Ok, it's easy! Many customers who have just signed up have asked us for training over the last few years on how to enter their vehicle stock to the system. We simply say, login and take a look, you can't break it so have a play! Within 30 minutes we usually get a phone call or an email saying how easy it is to use even for someone who doesn't know much about computers.

Getting your vehicle stocklist into the system is really fast and simple. Either enter the vehicle's registration mark to the the system if you have the VRM activated or simply select your make and model from the drop down list and fill in the Edition field. Next add your description, year of manufacture, price, number of owners, road tax amount, number of doors etc etc.

You can also add YouTube video code here for each car including many options depending upon which package you choose.

Again, depending upon the actual website design you choose will depict what options you see in your admin panel.

That's it, once you have ticked the relevant boxes you have then entered your first car to the system and it can be seen immediately if you have set its status to On Forecourt.

Adding Images *

This is where our system is special. Upload your images all at once using our built in "Bulk Upload Facility". When the images have uploaded, you have the ability to rotate them and even re-order them by simply dragging and dropping them on top of each other, it's that simple!

How do I change my front page content?

Easy! You go to your Settings page and it's all in there!
Front page content, opening times, phone numbers, fax numbers, address and even map links and the like.

How do I change the Metatags for the Home Page?

Go to Your Pages, edit index.php and you can change the metatags in here.

How do I add another page?

Go to Your Pages, Add a page.

Choose a filename, add the metatags for the page (unsure what metatags are? Call 01902 203333 and we can set this up for you).

Next add the page header e.g. Latest Offers Page.

Now in the large text area you can add all the content that you want.

Finally, choose an image for the page that will appear in the page.

What are the System Files in Your Pages?

System files are created by Car Dealer 5 as they are included in every installation. You cannot remove system files however you do not have to use all of them. System files that you do not have to use are finance.php, about.php, requestcarform.php and sitemap.php for example.

How do I use the Menu System?

There are two menus, top and middle. Firstly, decide which pages you want to display by checking the tick boxes. Next to each tick box then select either the top or mid menu placement from the corresponding drop down box. Next you must label each menu option - this is what appears on the menu on your website.

When you submit these details you will be able to manually change the order of each item in the top and mid menu.

The Mobile Menu works in exactly the same way except there is only one menu to choose (no mid or top).